What HHD Does

What We Do

HHD works across sectors to improve professional practice, strengthen organizational capacity, and promote healthy behaviors. Our approach draws on methods from public health and social science—it is informed by data, involves designing and evaluating targeted interventions, uses advocacy and policy to galvanize change, and takes proven approaches to scale. The services we offer at the local, state, national, and international levels include:

Research and Evaluation

We synthesize and conduct social science research and evaluation to understand pressing health issues, inform program and policy development, and evaluate the impact and effectiveness of interventions.

Capacity Building

In addition to many forms of training and technical assistance to practitioners and policy makers, our capacity building includes advocacy, policy, leadership development, and organizational change strategies.

Curricula and Training Materials

We design creative curricula and training materials for such different purposes as teaching students healthy lifestyles, enabling government and nonprofit staff to manage programs, and enhancing the skills of professionals to deliver evidence-based programs.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

We make use of technology and multi-media to deliver innovative programs and services, and to connect people with similar interests worldwide to resolve shared challenges.

Project Design and Management

We design and manage a range of projects and interventions customized to the needs of the people we serve, from small-scale consultations to multi-million dollar projects.

As new threats to health emerge in the twenty-first century, we will continue to refine and adapt our programs and services to meet the specific needs and circumstances that we confront.