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Online Course on Violence and Injury Prevention

TEACH-VIP E Learning

Injuries are a major global health problem, killing almost six million people each year and harming millions more. Until the late 1980s, injuries were viewed as unavoidable “accidents.” Public health professionals now realize that there are clear patterns of how injuries happen; and they know that planned, targeted interventions can help prevent injuries from occurring.

TEACH VIP E-Learning is a new online course on injury and violence prevention available to the public. It is based on TEACH-VIP, a comprehensive injury prevention and control curriculum developed by the World health Organization and a global network of prevention experts. It was adapted for the web by EDC’s Health and Human Development Division.

“Knowledge about how to prevent injuries and violence is vital, and this online course fills an important need,” said Carmen Aldinger of EDC who helped direct the development of TEACH-VIP E-Learning. “It includes 20 lessons that people can go through it at their own pace, focusing on the issues that are most relevant to them.”

The online course provides training on a broad range of topics related to understanding and preventing injuries, violence and suicide. It is particularly pertinent to public health professionals, health care providers, staff of public health ministries and non-governmental organizations, and students and faculty at schools of medicine, nursing, and public health.

According to Julie Barton, at the Department of Health & Social Care at Lincoln University in Britain, “There is not really anything that goes into this much detail that is readily accessible.”

Dr. Upreet Dhaliwal, a Professor of Ophthalmology at the University College of Medical Sciences in India agrees, “Certainly, TEACH-VIP E-Learning meets a need. Injury prevention, especially in the sense of injury being an epidemiological problem, is a concept that needs to be taught, and re-taught!”

This self-paced 20 lesson course can accommodate participants’ schedules and individual interests. Each lesson can be completed in approximately one hour with optional activities and readings. Lessons are organized into four categories:

  • Foundations and Methods
  • Unintentional Injuries (such as traffic injuries, drowning, and falls)
  • Violence and Intentional Injuries (such as child abuse and suicide)
  • Societal Responses to Injury and Violence (such as prehospital care and advocacy)

Each lesson includes an overview, individual chapters, three short interactive quizzes, and additional resources. It also includes an activity to be done offline to enhance the learning experience.

The TEACH VIP E-Learning course is available online in English at no cost. The course is also available in CD-ROM format.

TEACH VIP E-Learning was funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and developed by EDC’s division of Health and Human Development. For more information contact Carmen Aldinger at caldinger@edc.org.